A Range That Has You Covered

From the biggest industrial and commercial projects to everything you need for domestic installs and services, CoolChain Mackay has the refrigeration, air-conditioning, electrical and building trades covered.


Full Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Wholesale Range in Store

  • Air conditioners & heating units
  • Compressors
  • Condensing units & evaporators
  • Controls, sensors & electrical accessories
  • Driers, filters, valves & sight glasses
  • HVAC&R components
  • Motors, fans & pumps
  • Pressure vessels & oils management
  • Refrigerant, oils & gases
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Tools & cleaning
  • Tubes, fittings & pipe

  • Find the product you need today


    Commercial and Industrial HVAC&R

    With expertise across commercial and industrial HVAC&R applications, CoolChain Mackay is committed to delivering total, fit-for-purpose solutions to our clients. Our relationships with leading HVAC&R brands means we can source and recommend the ideal solution for the unique CQ climate and conditions. We pride ourselves on a one-on-one approach to projects to ensure we deliver the ideal solution, fast.

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    Home Automation

    Maximum control of your home appliances and power systems, all in the palm of your hands, is now more affordable and accessible than ever. Introducing the iZone Smart Solutions. The iZone climate control system is highly affordable, efficient and effective. It’s far superior to most other systems and “it’s about outsmarting not outspending.” iZone’s Smart Air Conditioning Solutions give you control of your climate and your budget – two vital factors when living in Central and North Queensland. iZone’s full range of home automation solutions are available from CoolChain Mackay. You can read more here or ask us about a solution perfect for your home or business.

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