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The MT987 is a 20A Micro-Ohmmeter, also known as transformer DC resistance tester, DC resistance quick tester, earth continuity tester. It uses microprocessor technology for testing safely, precisely and reliably. It is mainly used to measure the resistance of transformer windings, earth conductor continuity test, wire  resistance of cables, switches, connectors, contact resistance of relays, coils, motors, and equipment casings, lightning protection belts, earth connection resistance test between metal components of beams, structures, cabinets, steel bars, water pipes, windows, guardrails, radiators and assembly lines. Widely used in telecommunications, electricity, meteorology, computer rooms, oil fields, power distribution lines, tower transmission lines, gas stations, factory earthing grids and lightning rods. The MT987 is composed of monitoring software, test line and communication line. The meter has rechargeable batteries, full-colour large-screen LCD display, touch screen operation, port overload prevention function. Large capacity storage of 800 sets of data. Stored data can be transferred to a PC using an optical USB and software supplied and has the functions of reading, comparing and saving historical data. The Bluetooth function can connect with the Android App. There is a built-in printer where test results can be immediately printed for reference.

  • Built-in 14.6V 12 000mAh rechargeable Iron Phosphate battery
  • 4-Wire test method
  • 108mm x 65mm true colour touch screen
  • Maximum resolution 0.1µ Ω
  • Temperature Measurement: 10°C to +60°C
  • Discharge Probes: LCD has a built-in reminder
  • Printer function
  • Data storage of 800 sets
  • USB interface for linking to computer
  • Bluetooth function allows connection to Android mobile phones

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